The Kefalos Bay

Like living in a postcard! The beautiful Kefalos Bay, with clear, crystal waters and the small island with the chapel of St. Nicholas is by far the most beautiful and photographed spot on Kos. Of course the islet, Kastri as the locals call it, is the landscape reference point, and despite its size, the disproportionately large rock in the center creates an imposing image, that of an old castle or a miniature volcano!

The distance that separates the island from the beach is minimal, and you can easily swim across, as most of our visitors do. One of the most beautiful moments of your vacation will surely be swimming and reaching the beach of the islet, then following the narrow path to the chapel where you can ring the small bell, with a well deserved sense of completion! Remember your snorkeling gear, since the seabed is impressive and colorful.

Kordistos Hotel is located right in the center of the bay, on the beachside. You just need to walk a few meters to reach the closest point, where you can dive to swim across. For the less adventurous, just a whisker away, you can rent a sea cycle, so instead of swimming, you can go on a mini boat cruise. Kastri will also generously provide you with a unique, beautiful view, especially at dusk, with gorgeous colors. If you're lucky, as the light falls, the moon comes into the frame, providing a unique image.

Besides the Kastri island, Kefalos bay has more to see and do. At the start of the bay, you can find the best beaches on the island, the famous Paradise Beach, "Camel" and more. Further down, you can visit the Christian basilica of St. Stephen, of the 5th century BC, literally on the beach, an almost unique location with ancient ruins, marbles and columns by the sea. On the other side of the bay, one can find Kamari, the small village-port of Kefalos, waterfront restaurants, shops and a picturesque harbor with many small and big fishing boats.

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