Greek Breakfast

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Surely you've heard that phrase many times, but quite possibly the hectic pace of everyday life prevents you from enjoying a proper breakfast. Fortunately, that does not apply to your holiday!

Relax, and let us take care of making your breakfast. In the daily buffet, which we serve in our restaurant, you will find cool fresh fruit, cereal, juices, cured meats, omelets and much more. Where possible, we make sure that the materials used are locally produced, while traditional recipes like kanelada, “posa” (wine cheese), cheesee pies and many more invite you to discover new, exciting flavors. Our hotel provides its travelling guests with breakfast packed if requested.

After trying our breakfast at your first morning at Kordistos Hotel, we are sure you'll look forward to it every single day!

The “Greek Breakfast” is the inspiration of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to connect the gastronomical wealth of the country with the Greek hotel guest experience. The “Greek Breakfast” showcases many of the Greek products at the heart of the mediterranean diet. The bread, rusks, olive oil, olives, yoghurt, honey and fresh fruit create the basis of the “Greek Breakfast”.

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