KEFALOS (KEPHALOS) is located at the MUNICIPALITY OF HERACLEIDON, the West part and it is the largest municipality of Kos, the island of Hippocrates (father of medicine).

After Antimachia and the Plaka forest, the road goes on to Kefalos, crossing the "handle", the narrowest part of the island, with Kefalos bay on the left. At this point, the right fork in the road leads uphill to the village of Kefalos, where it turns left and follows the coast to Agios Stefanos (Ayios Stephanos) and Kamari, the harbour of Kefalos. Kefalos is at the south-west end of the island, 42 km from Kos town.

The village of Kefalos lies at the end of the main road that starts from Kos town and crosses the entire island. The village stands a short distance from the sea on a hill with the picturesque windmill of Papavasilis on the summit. The dense building and narrow streets give the settlement the character of a typical island village.

Kefalos lacts fertile soil, but enjoys a healthy climate and produces choice thyme honey and dairy products. The village of Kefalos has long traditions, a rich history and great archaeological interest, since it was in this area that Astypalaia, tha ancient capital of Kos, was located.

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